Turquoise Cave

As we approach this breathtaking cove from a distance, the water appears a striking shade of blue. Coupled with the dark, rugged cliffs, it creates a scene reminiscent of another world. Perhaps this perception is influenced by my infrequent visits to such places. However, to my astonishment, as we draw nearer to the coves, the water undergoes a remarkable transformation, revealing a vibrant turquoise hue that captures one’s gaze, making it impossible to look away.

coastal cove with turquoise water
majestic grey cliffs set against a seascape of vibrant blue and turquoise waters
coastal cove with turquoise water

After spending ample time immersed in the awe-inspiring scenery of the cove, our excitement reached its peak as we prepared to take a refreshing swim. Swimming had been the highlight of our visit, and we couldn’t wait to immerse ourselves in the pristine, crystal-clear waters. It was akin to stepping into a natural swimming pool, but on an entirely different scale. Despite the depth of the waters, we leaped from the boat, relishing every moment of the experience. I’d advise anyone who isn’t a confident swimmer to exercise caution and always wear a flotation vest to ensure their safety in this enchanting aquatic paradise.

two girls swiming in a coastal cove with turquoise waters
coastal cove with dark grey cliffs and blue water

Geographical Coordinates


  • Great for swiming and jumping


This Mapbox map displays the geographical location of Turquoise Cove using street-style imagery.