Our Story

“Mermaid of Balkans” emerged from my passion to uncover hidden treasures along Albania’s coastline. The guidance of my tutors at Greenwich University played a pivotal role in shaping my idea into an exciting and adventurous journey.

Hello! My name is Brikena and I will try to be a guide for you on a journey of exploration – a voyage that promises to reveal to the world the hidden beaches of Albania from the point of view of a tourist.

At the heart of our endeavour are boat trips that take you on a unique odyssey through this coastal wonderland that is very little known. I will start my journey in the South Riviera a place where each wave tells a story. Our vision extends far beyond – a journey that will eventually navigate every inch of the Albanian coast.

The truly special part of this journey are the daily excursions we curate, inviting you to embark in an adventure with us. If I could be more concise in my description I would say: picture this: A local boat, mostly a speedboat if you want a customised trip, standing ready to be your vessel of exploration. You will find them ready every summer, weather you decide to set sail on a spontaneous journey or if you choose to meticulously plan your aquatic escapade with the help of boat trips.

Contact us

To delve deeper in our project and to keep up with the latest updates, I invite you to connect with me on Instagram. My visual journey unfolds there, offering a glimpse into the hidden treasures of the Albanian Coast. Follow me at @MermaidofBalkans for a daily dose of inspiration and discovery.

Also if you are seeking more personalized information, have questions, or simply want to share your thoughts, don’t hesitate to reach out. Feel free to email at email. I am here to engage with you and share the excitement of your own journey.

Whether you are exploring my Instagram feed or sending my an email, I am eager to connect with fellow adventurers and share in the allure of the unseen. Let’s continue this exploration together.