Eye of the Cyclope

Heading into our third stop, we stumbled upon an exceptionally picturesque location. Its name is steeped in inspiration drawn from the renowned creature of Greek mythology. Known as “The Eye of the Cyclops” or, in Albanian, ‘Syri i Ciklopit,’ this name is a well-kept secret, known only to the locals. As you gaze upon the cove’s contours and the mesmerizing hue of its waters, it becomes apparent how closely it mirrors the mythical creature itself.

cove with dark cliffs and turquoise waters
coastal landscape with deep blue waters and high cliffs
cove with dark cliffs and turquoise waters

During this stop, the most captivating feature undoubtedly lies in the majestic cliffs, which ascend dramatically from the crystal-clear waters, crafting awe-inspiring formations. We eagerly approached as closely as possible, striving to discern the intricate shapes etched into these rock faces. In certain areas, the ashen gray of the cliffs melds seamlessly with the turquoise waters, especially where the waves gently caress the rugged surface. In contrast, elsewhere, the landscape reveals only the deep blue expanse. It’s in this harmonious convergence of colors that one can’t help but feel as though their very eyes were destined to behold this picturesque spectacle.

Cliffs emerging from the blue water, sculpted into architectural formations
majestic grey cliffs set against a seascape of vibrant blue and turquoise waters


This Mapbox map displays the geographical location of Eye of the Cyclope using street-style imagery.