Dafina Cave

Up to this point, our stops had mainly revolved around either taking a refreshing swim or admiring the captivating scenery. Among the few places we had heard about in this region, one name had sparked our anticipation — Dafina Bey. We were looking forward to finding some respite there. However, much to our astonishment, we found ourselves making an unexpected stop to witness something truly extraordinary — Dafina Cave. This small bay nestled entirely within the embrace of the cliffs was a hidden gem of such secrecy that, had we been on this boat without a guide, we might have sailed right past it, oblivious to its existence.

small bey nestled within cliffs along the coastline
Small boat nestled inside a cave, surrounded by captivating rock formations and serene waters.
small bey nestled within cliffs along the coastline

Within the entrance, there was ample room for our boat to glide into the cave, where we decided to pause and savor the tranquility of this extraordinary place. Only a faint glimmer of light penetrated from the outside, gently altering the colors within. The space was confined, allowing us to nearly reach out and touch the contoured cliffs. Inside, their appearance shifted dramatically, casting a deep and mysterious ambiance, in stark contrast to the vibrant exterior view.

Scenic underground cave with pristine, crystal-clear waters reflecting ambient light.
picturesque beach nestled inside a tranquil cove


This Mapbox map displays the geographical location of Dafina Cove using street-style imagery.