Boat Bey

We started this trip with anticipation and a little bit of mystery. As we had never been to this area, we expected everything to be a surprise as it was. Besides having lost the boat that we booked a day early from boat trip Albania because we were late everything was going smoothly. We managed to find a boat where the captain promised to take us on every hidden beach in the area. Of course, that he knew of. As he was born and raised on that area, we understood that no one better would serve us as a guide for those amazing places that we thought existed only in paradise. Soon after that we found ourselves speed sailing, and we were getting a glimpse of what is waiting on the other side.

majestic cliffs in grey that raise from the blue sea waters
A majestic cliff formation resembling an eyebrow, soaring above the sea.
A majestic cliff formation resembling an eyebrow, soaring above the sea.

As dramatic as this place is because of the past and the purpose it served, it is still impressive, and you really become part of it. We were advised not to swim in this area because the waters run deep in here. So if you find yourselves in the boat bey anytime soon, I would say just enjoy the scenery and save the swimming for another stop. I promise you that there are many places where you can get in the water safely. You can take pictures here and bring with you a piece of this adventure.

two girls in a boat near a coast with high cliffs
coastal landscape featuring towering cliffs that rise dramatically from the deep blue waters below


This Mapbox map displays the geographical location of Boat Bey using street-style imagery.